Why operators like Gigafone

Operators around the world are already benefiting from the Gigafone full screen mobile advertising platform, providing operators a new and exciting channel to display advertising that is completely opt-in and allows the consumer full control over what advertising they see.

  • Gigafone solutions help operators realise revenue embedded in their database by instantly increasing their mobile advertising inventory
  • Operators are clearly located in the value chain bringing new potential partnerships and revenue streams into focus
  • Provide the ability to ad-fund free air time and engaging mobile content through media partnerships
  • Learn more about your user base with on-device user profiling to aid internal marketing
  • Rich analytics and reporting package providing information on every user interaction
  • Completely opt-in and user generated profiling –  fully compliant with privacy guidelines
  • Advertising is presented in full screen triggered by incoming calls and messages.
  • A non-intrusive, complementary ad display mechanic
  • Operators can manage inventory through multiple channels on one platform.
  • Call to action provided on every ad providing a one-touch link to a website, to register or call direct
  • Support architecture can be hosted internally or by Gigafone