RingMate: A New Screen for Mobile Marketers.

As part of the Ochre platform, Gigafone's existing product opens a new advertising revenue channel for audience owners. RingMate is a highly scalable and flexible mobile marketing platform, which once established with a mobile operator and adopted by the user can be developed in many new and valuable ways. Beyond ad delivery it can be used to offer online retailing of digital and other products and services, direct marketing, market research, social networking services, coupons, and tie in with banking, location based, roaming and roaming/travel services.

RINGMATE™ is the hallmark Gigafone product, developed over three years by our Russian pilot team. RingMate™ delivers full-screen interactive content to users with each incoming call or sms. The products core advantages over other forms of mobile marketing include:

Gigafone delivers a unique, patented, inventory proposition to an emerging digital advertising market where every incoming event (e.g. call and SMS received) becomes advertising or infotainment real-estate. We ask the question – what do you do when the phone rings?

The Gigafone solution presents content (targeted advertising, personalized content) along with caller details, when a subscriber receives a call or sms.

The banner stays on the screen for a short time after the call, allowing subscribers refresh content, call operators for special offers or go directly to WAP landing pages through our proprietary banner click through technology.

The Gigafone model addresses the only two ubiquitous mobile services: voice calls and sms. Inventory is almost unlimited In our community driven model – only based on the number of calls or messages a person receives.

  • This is a new screen for operators, agencies and consumers and the disruptive moment in the Gigafone concept.
  • Our solution is un-intrusive, and uniquely allows message delivery at the point of contact and communication.
  • The Gigafone call to action is an incoming call or sms, leveraging the power of mobile communication.
  • Marketing or content is delivered in non-interrupt setting at the point of communication via our patented non-interrupt solution.
  • Consumers get more from their mobile through a personalised preference based and intuitive user experience based on our user-case.
  • The almost unlimited inventory implies high content turnover and deep engagement.
  • The model increases ARPU and reduces churn