The mobile phone is a personal remote control for the largest communication network on Earth. Gigafone recognises this and delivers

  • A non-interrupt platform for consumers to personalise their mobile experience
  • An intersection between key players in the global media market
  • A powerful campaign management platform that creates value for operators and agencies across the mobile marketing value chain

Ochre – Multichannel Campaign Management

Many of the solutions in the mobile advertising space operate in isolation. No one player has a totally integrated mobile advertising platform that supports ad creation, media buying, ad selling, ad serving, analytics, and publishing via the same platform.

Brands and Agencies face delays and complexity with simple mobile campaigns because they must work across multiple areas on even simple campaigns. Today mobile is seen as “hard” by many traditional agencies.

The Ochre proposition allows existing systems that operate in part of the value chain to be integrated via the platform to form part of the whole solution and “make mobile easy” for agencies and brands.

The platform dovetails seamlessly with other advertising platforms and helps better utilization of inventories they create with one vendor agnostic solution. It makes all relations within the system transparent (user, operator, inventory owner, media planners, media buyers, system owner) while allowing each part of the value chain to focus on their own key competences.

Ochre handles the complexity of mobile advertising for agencies, brands and Mobile Operators preparing for the new channel, and is competent in all mobile delivery mechanisms. The solution handles campaign inventory and delivery management and supports media planning, providing a single open marketplace for buyers and sellers of digital advertising.

Gigafone provides a highly transparent mechanism for media planners and buyers to maximize the effectiveness of their ad-spend in a market where success will be defined by response times, relevance and delivery effectiveness. Further, our Software-As-A-Service model facilitates speed to market and cost effective deployments with minimal risks.

Ochre, Gigafone's new digital advertising platform, delivers a clear and controllable campaign management solution for a highly diversified market.

  • Complexity of mobile advertising is managed for agencies, brands and operators
  • Campaign and work-flow management is supported by a state of the art analytics platform
  • Transparent mechanism for media planners and buyers to maximize ad-spend effectiveness and deliver real value to clients
  • Software-As-Service model facilitates speed to market and cost effective deployments
  • Each part of the value chain focuses on own key competences

Ochre Explained

For Brands

Brands will have more confidence about using mobile as a channel for their campaigns as Ochre combines user generated profiling, with delivery analytics to ensure the right ad is delivered to the right person at the right time.

The improved targeting and analytics will enable advertisers to have a transparent insight into the ROI for each campaign – proving that the mobile channel is a very effective medium for getting an advertiser’s message across.

For Agencies

Agency creatives and planners will welcome the need for less re-work, because the platform will utilise their existing planning and tools. Importantly, planners will have a more efficient range of tools at their fingertips to better plan mobile inventory and quickly review the best channel for delivery. They will have a wider range of delivery channels and formats, providing them with a broader canvas to design richer and more engaging mobile advertising beyond the traditional banner ad model.

For Consumers

Advertising will start to become information as consumers specify what sort of advertising they would be willing to receive – based on their user generated profile via the Gigafone platform and partners.

For Mobile Operators

Mobile  operators will be able to increase their inventory as well as accurately track user behaviour and provide the ability for subscribers to select what type of advertising they would like to receive.

Ochre is launching with nine best of breed partners from across the digital advertising ecosystem including

Xtract, Vizimo, Palringo, AditOn, Yodel Digital, Icom Group, Liquid Air Lab, Sponge Group, and OwnSkin.

If you would like to become an Ochre partner, please contact us or visit our Hospitality Suite AV 16 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 16 - 19th February on the main avenue.

As part of the Ochre platform, Gigafone's existing RINGMATE™ product provides a proven solution for highly targeted and relevant mobile advertising.