Watch a real debate on mobile advertising - sponsored by Gigafone

Mobile advertising has witnessed plenty of false dawns, but as the global economic slowdown bites and business models evolve mobile advertising is set to be a major focus at Mobile World Congress. But what needs to be done to help mobile achieve its potential as the most personal of advertising media? Mobile Europe Magazine brought together senior players from the mobile advertising ecosystem to find out.

“Today’s fragmented mobile advertising ecosystem creates a catch-22 for advertisers and agencies. Measurement and planning on mobile are difficult and this dramatically reduces the propensity for brands to invest in mobile advertising in a turbulent economic environment. While existing mobile advertising campaigns fail to break new ground, there is little to measure, distribute and plan,” Gregory Khaldey, Chief Executive Officer and President of Gigafone, said.

In a lively debut TelecomsHotHouse debate watch O2 Media Group, Publicis-Dialog, the IAB, Nielsen and Gigafone tackle the key issues in mobile advertising and define an ‘action plan’ for the industry going forwards.

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