Why marketers value Gigafone

Gigafone’s unique full screen mobile advertising platform makes mobile advertising easy.  Utilising our on-device profiling and display approach, we get the right ad to the right person – allowing you to fine tune your message and maximize your impact, every time.

  • RingMate is completely permission based and meets the highest standards in mobile Marketing
  • Highly targeted inventory – selected by the user ensuring best fit for every campaign
  • Full screen presentation with graphics and video – providing an exciting new screen to present engaging creative on the mobile
  • Each phone call or SMS is an opportunity to display an ad – no waiting for them to browse the mobile internet
  • Combination of permission and incoming trigger ensure each ad is seen by the right person
  • Direct call to action - each ad contains a call to action – mobile web page link or click to cal
  • Advertise on the one platform to ensure maximum reach – don’t dilute across ad networks and mobile sites – aggregate ad spend onto the one platform
  • Rich targeting and profiling tools  included in the platform tracking each and every interaction
  • Full control of campaign creative upload and tracking via easy to use web interface
  • Analytics platform reports each and every interaction – ads served, clicked or saved for each profile
  • User generated profiles ensure highly relevant targeting  for each and every ad
  • Fully managed platform from Gigafone – lets you concentrate on what you are best at – making great ads for your clients